Welcome to Summer Break 2011!

Welp!  I’ve done it!! I have created a blog, an online journal, a place for me to reflect on what has gone on in my life and treasure memories.  After just finishing teaching my 6th school year, I now have what every teacher looks forward to the most (no matter what they tell you), SUMMER BREAK!!!  Along my summer break, I plan to take a few trips, at least road trips, if nothing else.  I also plan on spending a lot of time with my sweet puppy, Lacey.  It was always so hard waving goodbye to her when I left out the door on the way to school each morning at 7:30am and she would just curl up in her bed, where I believe she stayed until I got home from school at 3:30pm.  Now we will get a chance to venture out on some activities I’ve waited until now to do with her.

  First venture out with the puppy was at the local Farmer’s Market today.

Lacey really is a very sweet puppy and loves all animals and all people, no matter if they love her or not.  I believe this picture I took today totally explains the name of my blog.  Here are a few more pictures of us at the market today.

During our walk around the Farmer’s Market, Lacey got really hot and was panting a lot.  She then laid down in the shade near a large fan that you can’t see in the background.  She was adorable lying here and when I had checked out, I couldn’t even get her to budge!

What a happy puppy!

I found a lot of fresh veggies at the market today!

I stocked up on some watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and bananas as well.   And I got the ingredients needed to make Tomato Basil Cream Pasta.

I did not take any pictures of our tomato basil cream pasta, mostly because we were devouring it before I could even get the camera out.  We followed Mariah’s recipe exactly, although; Brandon added grilled chicken for additional protein and I thought a sprinkle of goat cheese would add a good touch.  It was awesome!! No leftovers tonight!

2 responses to “Welcome to Summer Break 2011!

  1. Yay! I love it! Cute name too. I’m glad you liked the pasta recipe as much as we did!

  2. I’m hoping I can figure out how to have all comments just come up, and not have me approve them first.

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