Running–My constant challenge

Today’s weather is extremely hot in Charlotte, NC.  When I left my house at 11:00am this morning, it was 89 degrees F outside, but felt like it was 95 with the heat index.  Neadless to say, I had no business running outside and should have taken the extra 15 minutes to drive to ZX Fitness.  But I was determined to get outside and start my run because I LOVE my Nike running gear.  What gear?  Let me show you.

My hot pink iPod shuffle

My Nike+ Sportsband

My Nike+ Running Chip

My Nike Free Shoes

Now I have been running since 2007 off and on and never acquired all this workout gear until recently.  I’m not saying you must have this running gear to run effectively, it just motivates me, personally, to get off the couch because I like to track my runs.  With the Nike Sportsband, I am able to toggle through and see my distance, pace, time and calories burned while running.  It also states the amount of total running I’ve accumulated while using the Sportsband.  As of now, I’m currently at 36.66 miles total logged on my Sportsband.

As soon as I get home from running, I simply pop off the black piece of the sportsband and plug it into my USB outlet on my laptop.  It instantly uploads my current run and adds it to the Nike website where I have an account.  Appropriately, my Nike username is PinkLacesLisa and here you can see my current run statistics uploaded.

You can also view all my runs thus far, as long as you promise not to judge me on how long of time I have on some of them.  I usually run along Queens Road West in Charlotte, where there are beautiful houses, yards, and flowers to look at while I’m running vs. a boring tredmill like I used to run on more often.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with running on Queens Rd W, I’ll tell you there are a lot of hills and sometimes I have to slow down a little to catch my breath.  That will ruin my time sometimes.  Sooner or later I will not have to slow down when I reach a larger hill because I’ll be used to it.  But as of now, I am doing what I can, as long as I get 2-3 miles logged I’m happy.  On a future post I would like to include the races I have done in Charlotte.  I will leave that for another time though.  Happy Running!! Don’t forget to eat something light like a banana before running and drink plenty of water before and after your run! 😉

5 responses to “Running–My constant challenge

  1. I love those shoes! Every time I walk through I running shoe section of a store I look at them… but obviously, I am not a committed runner, so I can’t justify buying them 🙂

    • Mariah–I know a lot of girls at Brazwell’s that wear these shoes to work in b/c they are so comfortable. I’ve even thought about buying another pair just to wear. You can wear them when we go hiking up King’s Mtn!! These are the shoes that are supposed to mimic running barefoot.

  2. Welcome to blogging!! Great post and looking forward to more =)

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