Victims of Lacey, the Mighty Chi-Chi

Today’s blog is an ongoing joke between Brandon and I about how Lacey treats her toys.  I’ve gradually taken photos of all her toys she’s “tortured” and want to share them with you.

First lets see this cute, “innocent” puppy as she seeks out her next victim.

Cute, innocent puppy...or so it appears

Victim #1

Drowned Gingerbread Man

Drowned Gingerbread Man was found on Friday, June 4th at approx. 8:15am.  He had been submerged in Lacey’s water dish, biopsy reports claims for 6 hours.  With a few hours of drying out, his squeaker was working again and he was given a second chance at life.

Victim #2

Trapped Monkey

Trapped Monkey was found with his legs stuck underneath the door on Tuesday, May 31st at approx. 7:30pm.  He had been stuck there for less than an hour fortunately, otherwise he would’ve been a goner.

Lacey decides to rescue her 1st toy, monkey.

Victim #3

Beaten up badly Bear

Beaten up Bear was found on Monday, June 6th at approx. 2:00pm.  His nose has been biten off and he had bruises all over his face and body.   His knee has also been sliced open and needs mending.  We hope we can restore this bear to it’s original likeness and quality.

Victim #4

Dalmatian with a broken heart

This dalmatian was found Tueday, June 7th at approx. 10:35am.  His heart has been ripped off his body and needs to go to the cardiac center for intensive treatment.  We hope he has as a speedy recovery with this major surgery.

The taste of victory.

Kissing him before he has to get on the stretcher and off to the E.R.

Short blog today as I’m heading off to work soon.  I hope to include a few quick recipes tmw and catch up on my blogging.

One response to “Victims of Lacey, the Mighty Chi-Chi

  1. Hahaha! liked the gingerbread one 🙂 Funny she destroys her toys. She’s so little!

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