DIY–Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

My mason jar creation–cute soap dispenser

So I can’t take full credit for this creation, but I did make it myself, that counts for something, right?  I originally found this idea on my procrastination, I mean, pinterest account.  Here is the original site that gave me this creative idea.

Supplies Needed:

  • Mason Jar
  • Jar Lid
  • Colorful paper to decorate your lid (I used scrapbook paper I already had)
  • Soap pump (mine is being reused)

This project took me 10 minutes at the most to do.  5 of those minutes were convincing my boyfriend to get off the couch to help me drill the hole into the lid.  🙂

First drill a hole into the metal lid, making sure it’s large enough for the soap dispenser to slide through.  Then glue your scrapbook paper onto the lid, making sure you’ve cut a hole through the paper as well.  After that, reassemble and push the soap dispenser pump through the decorated lid.  Fill the jar with hand soap and you’re done!!

Mason Jar Love,



One response to “DIY–Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

  1. I like it. Very eco friendly. You can even learn how to make your own soap. Or get one of those huge refill containers.

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