About the Happy Puppy

Lacey Lou

Lacey Lou is my sweet puppy that I totally adore with all my heart.  Now let’s get this straight…my boyfriend, Brandon, picked out Lacey at a local pet shop ALONE….without me!  And this is what he picked out?!  A sweet, adorable, 6.8 lb. white fluff ball?  YEP.

Lacey was born on July 19th, 2010.  She is half powder puff chinese crested and half chihuahua.  Now whenever I tell people she’s a chinese crested they picture the hairless, more common version first, which looks like this.

Hairless Chinese Crested #1

or they picture a chinese crested that looks like this…

Hairless Chinese Crested #2

But they should be remembering that Lacey is a POWDER PUFF chinese crested which means she looks like this…

A sweet, little, white poofball.

So..Lacey’s breed abbreviation is that she is a Chi-Chi.  Chinese Crested-Chihuahua.  She’s currently 6.8lbs and she’s 11 months old, so I’m guessing her weight won’t change much at this point, unless ofcourse she’s overfed…which we do not do.

Lacey is always full of love and energy.  She loves all people and dogs.  And all cats, rabbits, squirrels, birds, and anything that will give her the slightest bit of attention.  Here are 10 words that best desribe this sweet girl.

1. happy

2. loving

3. sweetheart

4. playful

5. obedient

6. attentive

7. gentle

8. petite

9. cuddly

10. sidekick

All in all, we try to take Lacey with us whenever we can.  She loves our friends and our friend’s dogs, some of them do not even love her back and she still loves them.  She has brought me so much joy since we got her this past September.  Now, after 28 years, I understand why people love their dogs unconditionally.


3 responses to “About the Happy Puppy

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  2. That is one sweet looking puppy! When do Shane & I get to meet her?

  3. Thanks Tiffany! We love her so much! We do need another trip to Charleston soon!! I’ll talk to B and see if we can plan something in the future! 🙂

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